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Welcome to Nature’s Packers

Nature’s Packers is one of the biggest suppliers of sugar in the Western Cape, providing a range of wholesale, branded and pre-packaged products for businesses big and small. We are proud to be creating measurable value as we transform basic raw material into the kind of products used by almost everyone.

Nature’s Packers contributes to a long chain of providers, contractors, retailers, customers, workers, and governments via taxes paid both directly and indirectly. This is not to mention the substantial payments we make to other suppliers of capital that ensure we give back as much as we receive.

Let Us Brand Your Business

Our branding services additionally allow you to ensure that the product you’re selling, whatever it may be, makes a favourable, lasting impression on consumers. It allows your current customers as well as your potential clients to know what they can expect from your organisation, increasing recognition when it is needed most. Personalising sugar is a wonderful way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and clarify not only what it is you offer, but why you are the best choice, too.

And what better product to associate with your organisation than one which stimulates the Feel-Good chemical, dopamine, in people? Our euphoric response to it is one we have inherited from our oldest ancestors. It’s very likely that the energy-giving properties sugar supplies played a major role in mankind’s survival through to the present day.

We can brand our pre-packaged products for almost any business and offer excellent prices for wholesale items on top of that. If you’re involved in the bustling hospitality sector, work in the multifaceted service industry, or are involved in retail on any level, give us a call. Allow us to help your clients get to know who you are.

100% Certified

What is more, all of our products have been certified by the South African National Halaal Authority, so South Africa’s significant Muslim population is taken care of. We are proud to be able to provide our services to the vast majority of the diverse population that peoples this great continent and meet a range of different needs.

Choose Nature’s Packers

Whether it is sugar, castor sugar, icing sugar or sachets you are looking for, you can find it here. Our prices are competitive, our stock is premium, and our service delivery impeccable.

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